caltagirone soggiorno
caltagirone soggiorno
caltagirone soggiorno
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caltagirone soggiorno
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b & b caltagirone centro storico

Welcome to the B&B "I Mori", accommodation located in the heart of the historical part of Caltagirone, an example of Sicilian baroque art.
It is situated close to the historical staircase, Santa Maria del Monte, part of the UNESCO world heritage list. The b&b "I Mori" is easily reached by car and it offers the possibility of free parking.
You can visit baroque churches and historical buildings within its immediate surroundings. They are enriched with policrome ceramics. Caltagirone has a rich history and tradition of ceramic handicrafts. This can been seen as you climb the steps of the famous Staircase Santa Maria del Monte, considered a museum en plain air. Walking along the "carruggi" you will come across museums and gardens.
We have made it our mission to be hospitable and welcoming in order to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible..
The unique style of the b&b "I Mori" perfectly combines semplicity and attention to detail. Our bedrooms, including singles, twins and doubles are all fully equipped with en-suite bathrooms. A wonderful view over the city's rooftops and on the majestic Staircase can be enjoyed from our balconies.
We are located in a quiet corner of Caltagirone, where serenity and wellness will make our guests feel at home.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

Val di Noto and Caltagirone, with its historic center full of churches,
valuable palaces, eighteenth-century villas and an exceptional monumental value.